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Connect with Harbor Transit

Harbor Transit will now take passengers, upon request, from the Trinity Health Lakes Village located at 6401 Prairie St. #1400, Norton Shores, MI. to locations in the City of Ferrysburg, City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Township, Village of Spring Lake, and Spring Lake Township. A MATS rider wanting to take Harbor Transit will need to call Harbor Transit Dispatch to set up a meet at this location. Harbor Transit will then Dispatch a bus to go to the Trinity Health Lakes Village and pick up the passenger. Passengers can either travel to the Trinity Health Lakes Village stop via the MATS Fixed-Route Buses, or can use the Go2 by MATS app.

Harbor Transit service hours:

Monday – Friday 6am – 6pm (last pick-up 5:30pm)
Saturday 9am – 4pm (last pick-up 3:30pm)
Sunday 8am – 12:30pm (advanced registration required by the Tuesday prior)
How to schedule:
Call Harbor Transit at (616) 842–3200 to schedule your ride to the shared Harbor Transit and MATS stop. You can ride MATS fixed routes or use GO2 by MATS to get to the Mercy at the Lakes stop
Fixed Route and Paratransit Service Hours:
Monday – Friday 7am – 5:50pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Go2 Service Hours:
Monday – Friday 7am – Midnight
Saturday 8am – 5pm