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MATS' ADA Complaint Procedures

If MATS receives a complaint regarding discrimination against an individual under the ADA, we will respond within 30-days of receiving the complaint and will work to resolve the issue with the complainant as quickly as possible. This may involve assistance from outside parties. We will document the process including the resolution. We will keep the complaint and all related documents on file for at least one year. We will keep a summary of all complaints filed for at least five years.

The Muskegon Area Transit System maintains a mechanism for processing ADA Complaints from the public, in cooperation with the County of Muskegon Equal Employment Opportunity office. The most direct means of receiving complaints is through the Muskegon Area Transit System’s general telephone complaint process. The public is afforded the opportunity to call the Muskegon Area Transit System office to file a complaint over the telephone.

Each of these complaints is logged and forwarded to the Transit Systems Manager for follow-up. The Transit Systems Manager reviews the complaint and begins follow-up, including, as needed, a call to engage the assistance of the County’s Equal Employment Opportunity office for follow-up and
processing within the County’s discrimination and harassment complaint program.

To file an ADA Complaint with MATS, please contact a Customer Care Representative at 231-724-6420, or click the online PDF form, complete and submit to MATS in person, by mail, or email.

Mail: Civil Rights
c/o MATS
2624 Sixth Street
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444
Phone: 231-724-6420